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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do we get a marriage licence?

  • Australian law does not require you to obtain a marriage licence.Find a marriage celebrant of your choice and he or she will have all the necessary papers for you to complete and lodge with the marriage celebrant.


When should we book a Celebrant?

  • As early as possible. As soon as a date has been set. Your marriage celebrant can assist with planning your wedding.


Do we need to appoint official witnesses for the wedding?

  • Two adult persons, who have witnessed the vows and after the ceremony must also sign the documents and give their full names. 

  • They should be over the age of 18 years. 

  • They're usually from the wedding party, but it can be anyone at the wedding.


What is the Notice of Intended Marriage Form and how do we lodge it?

  • This is an Australian government form that must be lodged with your chosen marriage celebrant at least one month before the wedding. 

  • The form remains current for 18 months before expiring.

  • The Notice of Intended Marriage form may be witnessed by the persons listed on page 4 of the form. 

  • It must be given to your chosen marriage celebrant by hand, by post, faxed or emailed at least one month before the wedding day.

  • If faxed or emailed, the original copy must be posted to the marriage celebrant the same day.

  • Your marriage celebrant can witness the document in person, and when he/she receives it, it is considered to be “lodged”. 

  • You must produce all the original documents used to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage to your marriage celebrant for authentication prior to the marriage taking place.


What documents do we need to show our celebrant before the wedding?

  • If you or your partner were born in Australia, an original birth certificate or extract of birth must be shown.  No photocopies are acceptable. 

  • Generally, most countries of the world can provide a birth certificate to you within the month after you sign the Notice of Intended marriage, and before the wedding.

  • If you or your partner were born overseas, a current overseas passport or now an Australian passport may be used as proof of your identity. 

  • If these documents cannot be produced, you should advise your marriage celebrant, who will organise and witness a Statutory Declaration regarding your birth details. However, it is expected that you will exhaust all avenues to find your required documents before a Statutory Declaration is prepared and signed by your marriage celebrant.  

  • It is a requirement in the Statutory Declaration that you submit your steps taken to secure the original documents. 

  • You will be signing a legal document. This document is subject to similar laws as perjury.

  • If one partner is not able to attend the marriage celebrant’s office for the lodgement, the other can lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage alone, but both partners must sign before the wedding takes place.

  • The marriage celebrant must see all the original documents, such as the birth certificates, death certificates or divorce certificates prior to the wedding taking place.


How much does a Celebrant cost?

  • This is the most popular question. Remember that your marriage celebrant holds the full legal responsibility to perform your marriage ceremony and register the details correctly.

  • Marriage celebrants are free to set a charge that reflects and includes:


  • Lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage

  • Checking Documents

  • Writing a ceremony to suit your individual requirements and the law

  • Producing Marriage Certificates

  • Performing your ceremony at a venue, date and time of your choosing

  • Registering your marriage with the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages

  • Travel to and from your chosen venue for rehearsal and wedding day ceremony.


  • Discuss with me an overall fee, including any added extras, and when a deposit and full payment is required. 

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