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Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A renewal of vows ceremony is for any married couple who would like to have a ceremony to celebrate their journey and memories, and their love for each other.


These ceremonies are often held to celebrate a special milestone or wedding anniversary, and it can be held on your actual wedding anniversary.


This ceremony also provides an opportunity for your family and friends to gather with you to show their love an support for your union. It can be romantic, relaxed and fun. Or I can engage with you in a more in-depth and serious renewal of vows ceremony. 


I'd love to help you re-experience the special love and joy that you exchanged on your very first wedding day!







Get In Touch With Me Now To Plan Your Memorable Day!

"Old love does not rust"

            Latvian Proverb



10am - 6pm 

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